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 Bellatrix Black Lestrange

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Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange

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Name: Bellatrix Black Lestrange

Father: Cygnus Black
Mother: Drusella Rosier
Sisters: Narcissa (Black) Malfoy and Andromeda (Black) Tonks.
Husband:Rodolphus Lestrange
Cousins: Sirius and Regulus Black
Nephew: Draco Malfoy
Niece: Nymphadora Tonks

House at Hogwarts: Slytherin
Blood: Pureblood
Age: 44

About Bellatrix: Bellatrix joined forces with Voldemort in the 1970s, becoming a Death Eater along with her husband. After the Dark Lord's defeat, Bellatrix and Rodolphus, along with Rodolphus's brother Rabastan and Barty Crouch Jr. captured and tortured two Aurors, Frank and Alice Longbottom. The Death Eaters hoped to learn from the Longbottoms the whereabouts of the Dark Lord. Bellatrix used the Cruciatus Curse on the two until they lost their minds.

A pure-blood witch born into the Black family, sister of Narcissa Black Malfoy, cousin of Sirius Black, Bellatrix subscribes enthusiastically to the Black family notion of pure-blood superiority, unlike her rebellious sister and cousin (Andromeda and Sirius) (OP6). Physically she has the aristocratic Black good looks, tall with black hair and (in her case) heavily-lidded eyes and air of arrogance, although as with Sirius, Azkaban has now left its mark (GF30, OP25). She met Rodolphus Lestrange as a fellow Slytherin at Hogwarts and later married him; both were to become Death Eaters (GF27).

Bellatrix is a sadist with a fondness for the Cruciatus Curse, and claims that the caster has to want to cause pain for it to work properly. She is also capable of tremendous loyalty. Having successfully avoided capture and imprisonment in the immediate aftermath of Voldemort's fall, she (together with three other Death Eaters) attempted to find and restore Voldemort, torturing the Longbottoms into madness for information. Bellatrix appears to have been the leader of this group, judging from her conduct at the subsequent trial, when she openly refused to recant her allegiance. She was given a life sentence in Azkaban (GF27, GF33), but escaped when the Dementors turned against the Ministry

Bellatrix and the others were captured and sentenced to Azkaban for this crime (GF27, GF33, OP33) At the time of her sentencing she was a tall, dark-haired, good-looking woman with heavily-lidded eyes. She had an imperious manner about her which she maintained even when approached by Dementors. Bellatrix remained defiant to the end.

Azkaban changed Bellatrix quite a bit. Her beauty was reduced to a starved, gaunt appearance. However, she did not lose the arrogance nor her devotion to the Dark Lord. She escaped from Azkaban during the mass breakout of Death Eaters from the prison in January of 1996 (OP25) and rejoined Voldemort shortly thereafter. Bellatrix has become one of Voldemort's top lieutenants. He calls her 'Bella

During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Bellatrix attempted to torture Ginny Weasley, but was blocked by the other DA members present. She also taunted Harry and used the Cruciatus Curse on Neville when she heard that he was a Longbottom.

She is an expert duelist and she managed to defeat Sirius, sending him falling through the ancient archway in the Death Chamber. Harry chased her and tried to use the Cruciatus Curse on her, but he didn't have enough genuine evil intent within him and the Curse failed. As Harry chased Bellatrix, Voldemort himself appeared in the Atrium and battled Dumbledore. When he failed to take over Harry's body, the Dark Lord escaped with Bellatrix
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Bellatrix Black Lestrange
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