The Final War

The second war has finaly come. Join up today if you wish to survive it. Join Hogwarts as a student or be a death eater or order member.
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 Barty Crouch Junior

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Barty Crouch Jr_Age 16
Barty Crouch Jr_Age 16

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PostSubject: Barty Crouch Junior   Mon Feb 26, 2007 1:21 pm

Name: Barty Crouch Junior
Age: 16
Parents: Ms Crouch and Barty Crouch Sr

Brief History: Barty has decided to get away for a while, he wanted to know, what he was going to be like in the future, will he a Death Eater, or carry on with his fathers work.

He's only been in the *modern day* future a day or so and things already haven't been going to plan. He's already learnt he's a death eater and a outcast, he's broken the Time Turner he'd used to get there when he was entering Hogwarts through one of the seret passage. He smack his head on a low underground root and crush his Time Turner in the process, now he has to fix it or stay in this time for ever and mess out the time lines

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Barty Crouch Junior
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